Purpose-built eCommerce consulting services to help you win in the digital era by fulfilling your ambitions and providing flawless execution.

MageCroco provides eCommerce business consulting services that help companies solve technology and business challenges with the highest efficiency. Each of our eCommerce consultants focuses on our clients' most critical problems and opportunities: strategy, technology, digital, marketing, and analytics across all industries and locations. We are among the eCommerce consulting firms that have developed an end-to-end approach to transforming your digital business.

Make Value-Driven Business Decisions with MageCroco's digital business consulting services

Whether you're looking for Magento website development from scratch, a solution for your existing online store, or want to migrate to Magento from a different platform, our eCommerce consultants can give you first-hand knowledge and advice on everything from marketing strategy to conversion optimization to user experience.

Technology Consulting

Technology consulting is not just focused on decreasing costs, refining business processes, and maximising the use of technological capabilities. Our technology consulting services revive businesses and create commercial value through flexible, trade-specific and cost-effective technology solutions. At MageCroco, we are ready to help you navigate the vast technology landscape by:

  • Getting to know your business and your needs
  • Matching your business needs with technology requirements
  • Selecting the optimal software solutions
  • Calculating costs and time for implementation


Business Consulting

Our business consultants can help you adapt to today's market dynamics and remain competitive, no matter what threats you face. Our eCom consulting team focuses on business KPIs, technology aspects, and business strategy to develop an eCommerce strategy that drives conversions, traffic, and revenue up. This includes a wide range of activities:

  • Customer experience strategy
  • UX website design
  • Digital user experience
  • eCommerce data analytics
  • Mobile-friendly presence


Our ecommerce consulting team goes above and beyond to see you succeed.

We ask questions, give our opinions, and challenge our clients to avoid costly mistakes with the intent of developing and appreciating your business needs. If you are looking for comprehensive e-commerce consulting that will steer your business in the right direction, MageCroco is the right choice!

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Clients from US, Europe and Middle East

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